This year (2023)


This is the last deep night of 2023, and I only have a little time to summarize the year. I just rented a new house yesterday, and I must complete moving into the house tomorrow. Meanwhile, today I am playing a mystery game outside.

Three years have passed, and my English listening ability has not improved as much as I expected. This year, I have listened to podcasts for just less than 100 hours, which is not enough to fully understand everything the speakers are saying. My writing ability has improved a little, but I still have many grammatical issues in sentences that need to be corrected by ChatGPT.

This year, I learned that many things do not always go as you expect, and many routines can be suddenly broken. For example, if you plan to save money regularly, but something unexpected suddenly disrupts your plan, it’s beyond your control. So, I try to make as few plans as possible about many things and just focus on being happy in the present moment.

This year, life seemed more hopeless everywhere, but I later realized that it might just be in my mind. Regarding my job, maybe I now have more opportunities to do effective things, although it’s busier than before. Moreover, it’s not the job that defines you, but rather how you define yourself. Therefore, I should strive to discover more new skills within myself.

This year, I ignored many moments of happiness in the life around me. I have not yet overcome my pain from the past, but it is getting better day by day. We have a good relationship, although it is growing slowly. I hope that next year, I can focus more on beautiful things rather than on unhappy ones. Moreover, I have already found something that makes my body rest and relax. I hope to find more things like this to make life better.

Regardless, I believe I am on the right road in most aspects.