This year (2022)


I posted the same title article last year, so I want to make this a traditional behavior, just like I write “The Brave” series every China’s National Day, that’s about the topic of dreams, and this is about the topic of life.

It’s an important point last year in the article that I made a new friend when a similar day as the recent day a year ago. My life is almost around her fully this year, although we are just friends. It’s difficult to say whether it is a lucky thing or unfortunate. It’s good because friends could be forever but other relationships may break quickly. And it’s bad because many things are limited by the relationships named friends.

I’m confused about this thing many times and argued many times with her.

Is there exist pure friendship relationship between the different gender? I think there is no… But we should objectively analyze this problem. I separate the problem into two sides. On the idea side, absolutely have not. You may think something even though you just watches a girl in street. But on the action side, it’s possible to have. It’s easy to understand because behavior is limited by morality. So this problem is cleared.

Actually, we are deeper than friendship already. So I am not too more disappointment about it.

And… I don’t know what to say now. Ooh, I remembered something she did for me. But… It has not necessary to write it down here.